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    Ta Petro
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    The more UltraONE members fuel at TA, Petro Stopping Centers or TA Express locations, the more UltraONE points they earn.

    All UltraONE members are automatically enrolled in First Gear and will earn one point per gallon of diesel fuel. Once you fuel more than 750 gallons in a month, you will shift into Second Gear and will earn two points per gallon. When you head into Third Gear (1,250 gallons in a month) and Fourth Gear (1,500 gallons in a month) you will earn three points per gallon. And when you fuel more than 1,750 gallons in a month, you will reach MAX Gear status and will earn four points per gallon the following month.

     You can check your Gear level any time at UltraONE kiosk at any TA, Petro or TA Express location, on the TA TruckSmart app or by logging in here.

    With the TruckSmart app, you can use your UltraONE points to reserve and pay for reserved parking or instant showers. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you'll have a parking or shower waiting for you when you arrive.

    Qualify for a Gear each month, and then earn points at that level the following month. You can redeem points throughout TA, Petro and TA Express locations for travel store purchases, meals, showers,  reserved parking and more!

    UltraONE Benefits grid

    The only way to earn Gear points is to be an UltraONE member. Click here to sign up or check your membership status and start earning!

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