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    Dr. John's Big 5: Recommendations for Eating Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants

    burger in a car

    Courtesy of Dr. John McElligott:

    Whether it’s a personal craving or pure convenience, sometimes fast food is what’s on the menu. Your stomach might be rumbling, but remember, the nutrients you choose to put into your body still matter. Although fast food traditionally gets a bad rap, it is possible to construct a healthy meal at your favorite fast food joint. 更多......

    Meet Your StayFIT Days Expert Hope Zvara

    Hope Zvara wants to help drivers move mindfully. For more than fifteen years, she has been a yoga instructor and life coach advocating simple, quick and effective tips to give people healthy solutions for life. With this in mind, she co-founded Mother Trucker Yoga® for the trucking industry. Mother Trucker Yoga is an is an app-based program providing simple 3-5-minute videos showing drivers how to move in any environment to improve health, mobility and well-being.


    Meet Your StayFIT Days Expert Bob Perry

    For more than 30 years, Bob Perry has been bringing wellness expertise to the driver community. He is the founder and president of Health in Transportation, an organization that offers an array of health and medical services to the trucking industry. Bob, known as The Trucker Trainer™, is devoted to health and fitness, and is dedicated to delivering professional drivers solutions for a healthy and fit lifestyle for where they work and live - on the road.


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