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    A Blog by TA & Petro Stopping Centers

    Dr. John's Big 5: Recommendations for Eating Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants

    burger in a car

    Courtesy of Dr. John McElligott:

    Whether it’s a personal craving or pure convenience, sometimes fast food is what’s on the menu. Your stomach might be rumbling, but remember, the nutrients you choose to put into your body still matter. Although fast food traditionally gets a bad rap, it is possible to construct a healthy meal at your favorite fast food joint. 更多......

    Dr. John's Big 5: Recommendations for Managing Stress and Mental Health During COVID-19

    Big Five

    Courtesy of Dr. John McElligott:

    As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to escalate in the United States, many may be experiencing an increase in stress, fear and anxiety. The uncertainty of the future can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, however finding healthy and acceptable ways to cope with stress will make you, your family and your community stronger. 更多......